Commissar Garr's Last Stand

Commissar Garr’s Last Stand

The knowledge that there were Imperial forces scattered throughout the region weighed heavy on Commissar Garr, as he believed his foremost duty was to rally these forces for a renewed offensive against the xenos invaders. Unfortunately, Lt. Drake’s platoon did not have any long-range vox equipment. Even if he decided to risk vox signal detection, the Commissar did not have any method by which he could communicate with the other survivors of Herzen’s Ridge.

However, the Commissar did know about a Adeptus Mechanicus outpost nearby where there was bound to be long-range communications equipment. The problem was that it was some distance from the safety of Cytheria’s jungles in which the Imperial forces now hid. Despite Lt. Drake’s protests, Commissar Garr managed to convince him to raid the outpost in order to send out a signal before retreating back to the safety of the jungle. If they were swift, they could get a signal out to many of the other guardsmen without needing to engage the Tau. Furthermore since the signal would be sent from the outpost, the platoon could be back in the jungle before the Tau could respond.

Once decided, the platoon did move swiftly and quietly made their approach to the Mechanicus outpost. The day was drawing to an end, as Lt. Drake was timing the operations so that the Catachan could fall back under the cover of darkness. The great radar dish of the outpost turning in the evening sun gave them all heart, but as the platoon closed in on the facility their forces came under heavy fire from Tau Stealth suits.

Forces on both sides reacted to the contact with efficiency despite surprise, as it had been mere chance that Drake’s Platoon had approached the outpost just as a Tau patrol swept the area. Although the Lieutenant rushed forward along with the Psyker and his squads, it became apparent that the Tau had the upper hand as Fire Warriors and Battlesuits moved to engage the Commissar and the squad he was leading.

During the intense firefight, “Crazy Legs” Mitchell reported an amazing sight. Crazy Legs was attempting to outflank the Tau forces and from his vantage point he discovered two Chimeras in Cogboy Red parked under a camouflaged roof. The Commissar knew the situation was grim, and his orders were clear.

“Lieutenant, the Emperor watches over us! Although we will not be able to reach our brothers today, he has seen to provide us with a much-needed resource! I’ll hold the Tau here – you get your men into those Chimeras and make good your escape.”

Before the lieutenant could protest, the Commissar sent his last short-ranged vox transmission.

“Drake, your people are as tough and stubborn as Ogryns, but it has been my honor to serve with the Catachan, and I’ve learned your lesson at last; don’t leave the jungle! Emperor be with you!”

Drake could see the Commissar, and in the last dying rays of sunlight he gave him the sign of the Aquilla before redirecting his remaining men. As the Commissar’s position was overrun, Lt. Drake and the rest of Bravo Platoon raced off towards the jungle, using the darkness to aid their retreat.

Commissar Garr's Last Stand

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