Cytheria Planetary Survey


Note, this is still a work in progress as there are a few more details to iron out. The map will be edited as well, but it gives an impression of the land dispersion.


Segmentum: Ultima

Sector: Aragrippa

Sub-sector: 2-187/4/DG/M ‘Marahao’

System: Cytheria: 6 Planets (Golum, Valpariso, Cytheria, Emrik-1, Emrik-2 and Nohope). One inhabited (Cytheria).

Surveyed: The first recorded survey of the Cytheria system (CY-7632-2297) was in M.36 by Rogue Trader Korven Dilackk.

Planets: Inner Planets

  • Golum – volcanic, tropical atmospheric
  • Valpariso – gas giant
  • Cytheria – rock, no atmosphere

Outer Planets:

  • Emrik-1 – rock, no atmosphere
  • Emrik-2 – rock, no atmosphere
  • Nohope – ice-covered rock, no atmosphere


  • Golum – 0
  • Valpariso – 3 (Yrl, Nom, Jeh)
  • Cytheria – 2 (Cordoba, Osomo)
  • Emrik-1 – 2 (Em1.1, Em1.2)
  • Emrik-2 – 3 (Em2.1)
  • Nohope – 0

Asteroids: An asteroid belt separates Emrik-1, Emrik-1 and Nohope from the inner planets of the system. There are some mining operations supervised by the Adeptus Mechanicus being conducted in the asteroid belt.

Comets: 1 major, 1 minor



Size: Equatorial distance – 5.950 miles.

Gravity: 0.94 G


  • Cordoba – rock, no atmosphere
  • Osomo – rock, no atmosphere

Population: 13 million (human and abhuman)

Rotation Speed: 1210 mph

Orbit: Mean orbital distance is 137 million kms from the star.

Climate classification: Tropical – standard (tepiduous / tropicale)

Mean Surface Temperature: 22°C

Tropospheric Composition: Nitrogen 69.2%, Oxygen 27.7%, Argon 0.9%, Water Vapor 2.0-9.0%, Carbon Dioxide 0.2%

Tithe Grade: Exactis Secundus

Climatic Regions: Polar Caps (Artic) – Small northern and southern polar caps, perma-frost.

Great Plains:


Coastal Regions and River Deltas:

Mountain Ranges:

Seas: 69.1% of the planet’s surface is covered by water, and that vast surface area is divided into five seas.

Climatic phenomena:





Water Supply: Water is present in large quantities in the atmosphere and surface water is available with minimal processing from any one of the numerous inland lakes and rivers. Given small precautions humans can safely consume most of the running water from the continental inlands.

Principle Exports:

Principle Imports:


Herzen Ridge Research and Communication Zone: The Herzen Ridge is a great escarpment that cuts diagonally across the northern hemisphere of Cytheria, dividing the central continents of Centralia and Mazille from the mountainous northeastern continental zone. The ridge overlooks the great plains of northern Mazille, which are under authority of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Priesthood of Mars allows no unauthorized access to this vast area, as it is reserved solely for their own research operations.

These research operations are dedicated to the aspect of Armored Warfare. The deep echo of rumbling Imperial armor and booming ordnance can frequently be heard across the region as Techpriests and Engineseers practice their worship by evaluating and verifying a great variety of armored designs, weaponry and ammunition, as well as operational tactics and communication.

In addition to their tasks of restoration and repairs, the Priesthood of Cytheria are renown for their exacting and critical evaluations of designs rediscovered out on the Eastern Fringe Although the Brotherhood of Herzen Ridge lacks the subtle understanding of several blessed technologies such as Ryza’s expertise on plasma-based weaponry, their collective understanding of the armored vehicle as a whole is considered by many unrivaled throughout the Segmentum.

Regiments of Imperial Guard are occasionally garrisoned on Cytheria in order to undergo training on how to operate particular vehicles, to adopt armored fighting doctrines, to practice armored warfare, or simply to assist the Priesthood in the refinement of doctrine surrounding certain vehicles – all while the regiments’ attached Enginseers undergo rigorous testing of their faith and knowledge regarding maintenance and repair.

There are numerous forward support bases, supply outposts, mock-up urban training areas, and repair shelters scattered throughout the great plains of northern Mazille. These are in addition to a half dozen maintenance halls and forge temples operated overtly by the Priethood. There are also a great number of underground shelters and reinforced storage halls consecrated for the preservation of a great variety of Imperial armor. While several of these halls are empty, others hold vehicles with designs that date back several millenia. The commonly guarded attitudes of the Priesthood has ensured that the majority of these facilities are subtly positioned to be hidden within the dendritic ridge landscape below the Herzen Ridge. Although not properly reinforced to defend against concentrated attacks, the security of many of this installations are based on not being found in the first place.

The Priesthood of Cytheria has many ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus cults on the Forgeworld of Naraxxama of the same sub-sector. The Forgeworld’s specialty of engine production has ensured a common ground of worship, and two world have enjoyed affluent cooperation for centuries.

Geological Composition:

Tectonic Activity:

Known History of Cytheria:

Seven regiments of Catachan Jungle Fighters were recently deployed to Cytheira to undergo combined-arms training with the Brotherhood of Herzen Ridge. The Catachan guardsmen are notorious for their callous regard of technology and lack of faith in many of the Omnissiah’s blessings when they are employed in the jungle environment. An agreement was reached between the Adeptus Munitorum and the Priesthood of Cytheria to invigorating the jungle fighters with a renewed faith in the Onissiah’s blessings.

When the Tau attacked Cytheira, the Jungle Fighters were engaged in advanced battlegroup training. The Catachan were learning how to employ armor to good effect in support of their favored guerrilla warfare tactics, but were far from becomming proficient when they were forced to engage the Tau.

The 97th, one of two Catachan regiments selected to be armored regiments, came under direct attack the second day of the invasion and were torn apart my the disciplined fire of Tau armor elimination units. The other regiments withdrew to the jungles of Cytheria, seeking the advantage of familiar ground. However, when Adeptus Mechanicus facilities came under attack by the xenos invaders, the High Priests panicked and ordered the Catachan to face the Tau in conventional battle.

Cytheria Planetary Survey

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