Shas'ui Orak

Fire warrior of Shas'ui rank


Shas’ui Orak leading his fire warriors is a veteran of several expeditionary forces. Ka’relan has mistaken Oraks lack of rank as a sign of inexperience. But quite contrary to this Orak has experience that goes far beyond what is expected of a Shas’ui,

Instead of following the normal procedure of being promoted every fourth year, Orak was given special permission to continue as Shas’ui for fire warrior teams. And has so for more than double his period. Rumors has it, it was because O’Shaserra (Shadowsun) herself owes him a great debt that he was given this special permission.

Orak is not only seasoned, but carries great respect and loyalty among the fire warriors. He has voiced concern of Ka’relans plan among his peers, but must follow the orders of his Shas’el. 

Shas'ui Orak

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